Scones & Muffins
Blueberry Scones 
Cinnamon Apple Scones 
Orange Cranberry Scones
Pumpkin White Chocolate Scones
Pina Colada Scones
Strawberry Scones
Blackberry Scones
Banana Nut Scones 
Peach Scones 
Raspberry Scones 
Banana Dark Chocolate Chip Scones 
Blueberry Muffins
Cinnamon Nut Muffins 
Banana Nut Muffins 
Double Chocolate Chip Muffins
Pumpkin Muffins 
Raspberry Muffins
Strawberry Muffins 
***** There is a large variety of scones & muffins, all may not be listed just ask! ******
Bundt, Streusel and Coffee Cakes 
Americana Bundt Cake
Blueberry Crumb Cake
Banana Chocolate Chip Streusel 
Berry Bundt Cake 
Chocolate Kahlua Fruit Cake
Chocolate Coffee Cake
Fresh Apple Bundt Cake 
Chocolate Sour Cream Bundt Cake 
Italian Almond Coffee Cake 
Peach Streusel Coffee Cake 
Raspberry Sour Cream Pear Coffee Cake 
Spiced Apple Coffee Cake 
Chocolate Banana Swirl Cake 
Pound Cakes 
Bittersweet Chocolate Pound Cake 
Buttermilk Pound Cake
Caramel Pecan Pound Cake
Chocolate Marble Pound Cake
Coconut Cream Cheese Pound Cake
Cream Cheese Pound Cake
Lemon Pound Cake
Mandarin Orange Pound Cake
Marbled Pecan Pound Cake
White Chocolate Buttermilk Pound Cake

Loaves and Breads 
Banana Nut Bread 
Classic Banana Bread
Coconut Banana Bread with lime glaze
Banana-Coconut Loaf
Brandied Apricot Loaf
Zuchinni Bread 
Oatmeal Raisin Bread
Orange Poppyseed Loaf
Pumpkin Bread 
Strawberry Bread